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 Yogananda's Legacy  for the World

and the Restored Gospels of Jesus


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               It was Paramahansa Yogananda who not only made a great contribution to the restoration the ancient teachings of Jesus Christ and Kriya Yoga to the world, but according to many recent witnesses He personally lived that Christ like life in every aspect. I have not heard of a greater modern Living Prophet!
This blog will present some aspects of Yogananda's Legacy for the world as it is known by His Self-Realization Fellowship.

With greatest clarity and insight  He shows us the way to transform our lives through regular practice of Self-Realization Fellowship Study Lessons... and other important Yogananda wisdom writings. The Science of Kriya Yoga from YSS/SRF will help you reach your greatest potential in this life.  With increasing Mind Awareness and Happiness along the way. Go for it !

This Master's life example and works are transforming/enriching the lives of millions through Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS home lessons and publications. They come with ongoing personal counselling and personal instructions/initiations by SRF monastics.
Since Yogananda's passing in March 1952  Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS has experienced continued growth and open-
minded progressive development in many areas. Contrary to negative comments by competitors, SRF/YSS is moving forward with great and enlightened leadership.

This is not an official SRF/YSS site.

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Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons on the advanced kriya yoga meditation & lifestyle.

SRF/YSS has succeeded in successfully, accurately, and
reliably publishing the major portion of the
Master's great legacy in written, audio, 
and video formats.
 His newest orange covered 
editions of the
 "Autobiography of a Yogi" are still 
appearing on best seller lists.[Spain 2011].
These Self-Realization Fellowship orange covered editions
still radiate with the power of Yogananda's light and love!

All other bootleg editions of the 1946 Autobiography are incomplete & out of date with the masters wishes[including Kindle 1946 editions].

 These are the scientifically proven and time tested methods 
that Jesus and Krishna 
privately taught to their disciples in ages past. 

  This is what was never written by Jesus's
  apostles following the master's
JC said "Hearing they do not hear, 
seeing they cannot see, I speak to
them in Parables" pp

The lives of many true saints of this path are are
a living testimony to the validity and quality
of this new global spiritual dispensation.
SRF is not a cult or a new age teaching.
SRF is not a subsect or offshoot of any other faith,
as it contains the essence of all major faiths.

Do not be misled by theories of "only one way"
or "progressive revelation" claims.

Gospel writings & teachings have suffered many 
distortions for political, cultural, personal and other 
reasons  for so many centuries, leaving the average
believer with faulty understandings of the Real
nature and presence of the real "First Christ."
This universal "Christ Consciousness" was known long
before the time of Jesus as "Kristos" for the Greeks 
"Kutustha Caitanya" or "Krishna consciousness" for Hindus.
In the 19th century a number of savants and 
healers in the East and the West began significant 
spiritual movements to popularize the more
accurate picture of ancient teachings of the
 formless Christ consciousness, Pluralism,
and self transformation.

This early work in India and America has been
further clarified and demonstrated in the
lives of a number of  persons such as the Fillmores,
M Curtis Hopkins, Earnest Holmes, Emmet Fox,
and many others of the New Thought Alliance.
 But it was Paramahansa Yogananda 
who brought
from India the advanced methodology of  Kriya Yoga
techniques and of his own life example.
He founded the 
non-sectarian  society of the
Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Sat Sangha.
This legacy, is a major global dispensation that
 is clearly changing the direction spiritual thinking in  Western and global civilization. 

That same "Consciousness of the Christ"
was fully manifested in the 
lives of many other 
saviors/Gurus from various cultures since the world began. 
Open up your mind to these new and enlightening healing self-transformative concepts.
One will not make serious progress spiritually until one
can go beyond the dark programming of ones cultural
religious  heritage. Which more or less teaches you 
popular ideas of the "many". 

Remember always, Yogananda's teaching of 
this "universal Christ Consciousness"  does not
contradict the Bible, even though it may seem to
contradict your personal interpretation and
religious programming of  said scriptures.
If your education and programming was done
solely by academics and clergy, you may have
some serious work to do on reprogramming yourself.

Paramahansa Yogananda said; Do you see how much the church movement needs reformation? They expect people  to follow religion by proxy. But truth has to be lived,  it has to be Realized as part of ones being."
[Page 239, Journey to Self Realization, SRF Publishers LA USA.]

The most important missionary
duty you will ever have is changing yourself! 
Free yourself  from the "One Way Trap." 

One of the cultural deficits that originated with
the writings of the first gospels was the tradition
of secrecy that allowed writers to give only a hint
of the means and methods of becoming like a Christ.
Jesus said that the public should be taught in
"Parables", as they could not understand deeper issues.
His apostles followed this tradition by leaving out
most of the esoteric methodology for achieving that
higher consciousness. All of this missing data is
now being unveiled by the Holy Spirit through
Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship.
These advanced concepts of Pluralism and
Kriya Yoga, and the accurate teachings of
Christ Consciousness
that were taught to the original apostles in private by Jesus. 

The earth is no longer flat, 
The sun does not revolve around the earth.
The earth 
is no longer six thousand years old.
We have many,many, lifetimes on this planet.
We are not the puppets of a cosmic dictator.
No Single Prophet, Faith, sect, or Holy Book
is some God's "only way" or final word on truth.

That " Only One Way" chant is now a dying
in today's better informed world.

Even if you deem your favorite sacred writ to 
 divinely inspired or inerrant, that's the lesser problem.
greater problem is your programmed personal misinterpretation of  scripture. Your own interpretation will change over time - what then?

Which one of the many interpretations is correct
is not always so easy to know. Are you aware
that most of what you believe is not the teaching
of great souls, but the legal edicts of Roman
politicians [
emperors] who were aware that
religion was a great way to control the masses.
All of that false intel is now programmed into your genes!
Free Yourself with Kriya Yoga Meditation ! 

The Self Realization Fellowship/YSS, to whom
Paramahansa Yogananda gave full authority
and copyright over his legacy and teachings, 
and through which the spiritual blessings
& personal guidance of the masters still richly flows, 
 maintains the devotion and fidelity of Master's wisdom and Yogananda's teachings for the world. 

Yogananda is a "Living Prophet." Those who seek lesser teachers teachers will primarily look for a body.
They will be also looking for someone who
will give them a position or praise as a
lesser teacher long before they are ready - this is an Ego trap.  
 A true Guru 
will teach you how to become really free
of all of your limited 
programming, and teaches
a non-sectarian universal
way of relating in harmony with all our relationships.